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Our ATM programs are the best in the industry. Whether you are looking for an ATM placement for a convenience store, hotel, shopping mall, or casino, Advantage ATM can help. We have mobile ATM options as well as wireless ATM solutions for any outdoor/special event. ATM rentals are available for all occasions.

Advantage ATM understands cash in buyers’ hands is the most direct way to increase spending. Providing an accessible and reliable ATM machine at your site enables your customers to access their cash while increasing their ability to purchase your merchandise. Studies show that an average of 40% to 60% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent at that location. This percentage increases to over 70% if the location is at a bar or night club.

An ATM machine means less reliance on credit transactions or checks, less hassle and less cost for you. In addition, you can profit from providing an ATM through all or part of the transaction fee. Hire Advantage ATM and watch us grow your bottom line!

Advantage ATM is your single source solution for all your ATM needs. Whether you’re looking for ATM placement, rentals,  sales, service, installation or mobile and wireless ATM solutions for any outdoor or special events, we have got you covered!

We provide vault cash services and around the clock technical support with 24/7 cash monitoring and real time transaction reporting.


Advantage ATM has helped Oklahoma State Bank achieve a more efficient bottom line and helped grow our ATM footprint.

Keith Ventris

Oklahoma State Bank

Advantage responded to our emergency requests in record time. I’m very impressed with the level of service and flexibility of this company.

Sheila Cooper

Tulsa Promenade Mall

Bancfirst has partnered with Advantage ATM for over 10 years providing reliable service and a branding solution which helps Bancfirst grow.  

Brian Harris